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Hornet XC ultimate race series, less weight fort the all deciding seconds

hn-urs   Technical data:
Length: 2400 mm
Width: 550 mm
Height: 930 mm
Weight: 8 kg without runners


Start flying…or…lift (yourself) up


This type of sled is equipped with diverse lightweight parts:

  • tubes out of carbon
  • frame brakepad
  • aluminium snowhook


This version with 2 aluminum snowhooks adds up to a weight difference of 3,5 kg in comparison to a standard Hornet.

We will only build a limited amount of Hornet XC and they will consist of the same layout for colour and print.


Standard version:


  • steering system
  • brake system
  • new snowhook holster system for 2 hooks ( photo on the left)2 aluminum snowhooks
  • dyna snap
  • glide booster
  • frame brakepad
  • 1 pair of nano runners
  • footboards 2K
  • Sledbag with two zippers on the top and one on the side
  • Startline
  • Front Fix

HN XC ultimate race series € 2390,00

Available accessories:

  • spare runners
  • transportation bag € 95,00        rain/snow cover € 69,00
  • transportbag for runners 44,00

hn-detail   Hornet XC ultimate race series, our fastest sprintsled !

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