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Snowhook-holder- system on the sides


hundeschlitten ankerhalterung

Our snowhook-holder-system on the sides is specially designed to fit our snowhooks und will only work properly with them. This construction offers the following benefits:

The hook is securely positioned without any elastics or fastenings.

The positioning is ideal and the hook can be readily used. There is no swinging back and forth and it cannot fall off by accident on a rough trail.

How to use:

Exercise the handling so you can get accustomed with it
hundeschlitten ankerhalterung

hundeschlitten ankerhalterung

Photo 2:

Clipping the hook into place

Let the side bow of the snowhook rest on the spot, that is marked in picture 2 with an arrow.

Than push the hook as far down until the perforated plate locks into place with security button. (photo 3)


Photo 3:

Unhinging of the hook

Grab the hook by the bow and push with the thumb the security button to the outside, pull the hook out with a backward movement
hundeschlitten ankerhalterung
hundeschlitten ankerhalterung

Photo 4:


The side bow of the hook has to lie on the outside

Photo 5:


The perforated plate has to lie on the inside

Photo 6

This way the hook is in the right position!

hundeschlitten ankerhalterung

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