Hundeschlitten / dogsleds

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The changing of the runners

hundeschlitten kufenwechsel Photo 1: For the mounting or the removal of the runner you  have to push the latch ( as shown in the picture) with the finger or with the included tool  backwards. hundeschlitten kufenwechsel

Photo 2:
‘Insert the tool as shown in the picture in direction of the arrow
hundeschlitten kufenwechsel Photo 3 and 4:
Removal of the runner

This way you can remove the runner. We suggest to keep this part clean and to use silicone-spray to protect  it from freezing up.
hundeschlitten kufenwechsel
hundeschlitten kufenwechsel
Photo 5 and 6:
Please note:

To slide in the tool on a 90 degree angle to avoid jamming.
hundeschlitten kufenwechsel


With windshield-anti-freeze it is easy to defrost any frozen parts/latches etc.

Do never use hot water!

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