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How to care for your sled

Due to the proven design and the construction our sleds are very easily cared for.

However for long durability please keep the following points in mind:


Protect the sled form heat, for example in the car during long sunny days, because the plastic parts could deform

In order to keep the good driving abilities of the runner plastic it has to be waxed before each use. During the summer break it is best to put on a layer of wax for protection and to brush it off before you use the sled for the first time the next season.

Fittings, rivets and lines should be checked every time when using the sled and changed if necessary.


Dirt and salt from the street can be washed off with a pressure washer, with only little pressure and from a greater distance.

Worn lines have to be renewed. You can order lines for the models Hornet, European Open/XL und Odyss MD from our product line and change them easily yourself.

For the Flexmax it is  necessary to change the lines in our workshop. We are working to find a way in the future, so customers will be able to change them themselves.

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