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General information

Dogsleds by Danler - We use only high quality materials in all our dogsleds and components.

All prices on our website include 20% Austrian VAT.

You will find agents for the countries we serve on the page entitled Distribution.

If you cannot find an agent for your country, please contact us directly.

Spare parts are also delivered directly to all countries. We think that is the quickest way.

Please send enquiries to us by email, because even our CEO is likely to be in the workshop. Our office is not manned during the day and so it is difficult to reach us by phone. You can of course leave a voicemail message and we will call you back.

We ask for your understanding in this matter.

If you require a quote, we need your name, address and phone number.

Quotes are of course non-binding and will be provided on request, shipping costs included.

If you wish to place an order via our online shop, please note the following:

we can only calculate transport costs after receiving your order, because dogsleds and runners are very bulky and incur correspondingly high shipping costs.

You will then receive from us a quote by email, shipping costs included. You can still cancel the order.

Otherwise, please confirm your order by return email.

You have two payment options:

  • - prepay by bank transfer

  • - PayPal - please wait until you receive an emailed payment request from PayPal.


Our fabric range

For all racing sleds, you can choose the colour of the sled bag top from our colour chart at no extra charge. On Husky Buggies and Snowders, blue and red are the only colour options.

Please be aware that at the end of the season not all colours will be in stock.

For an extra charge, we can also manufacture the side panels to a colour of your choice.

Here is our current range:


When ordering please use the colour names shown below:

  • - green

  • - dark grey

  • - grey/silver

  • - orange

  • - yellow

  • - violet

  • - blue

  • - red

  • - dark red/bordeaux

  • - black

  • - olive

  • - sand

  • - white

  • - pink

  • - ochre

  • - purple


Under Download you will find instructions on how to operate our sleds

Spare parts

Our shop only lists the most frequently used spare parts. If you need a spare part that you cannot find in the shop, please send us a message, preferably with a photo of the part in question and then we will send you a quote.

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