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Can I mount cross-country skis on my Danler sprint sled?

In principle, cross-country skis can of course be mounted on any sprint sled. But with middle distance sleds we strongly advise against it, as the stresses and strain will be much too high.

If you want to use cross-country skis, please keep a few things in mind:

1. The thickness of the plastic coating is 1 mm, our runners have 2 mm bases and so last twice as long. This fact alone explains the higher purchase costs.

2. The tensioning on our runners is geared to the sled, whereas a cross-country ski usually has the tensioning too far forward.

3. Cheaper cross-country skis also have cheap bases, only the more expensive models have proper racing plastics.

4. The risk of breakage with cross-country skis is extremely high. They are designed for cross-country skiing and not for mushing with possibly a dog in a sled bag. This applies particularly to the more expensive, extremely light skis.

How do I prevent the runner locking system from freezing up?

Our runner attachment is the only one on the market that offers a two-point mounting which does not impede the flexibility of the runner.

If water enters the lock, next time it is used it will freeze at minus temperatures.

A squirt of deicer frost protection in the lock bar guide works wonders here and will eliminate the problem for a long time. Please do not use hot water and do not use force.

How do I store the sled in winter?

It is best to store the sled and runners in an unheated room. If used daily and stored in heated rooms, when the snow and ice thaws, over a longer period tiny amounts of water can penetrate the screws on the runner and then cause irreparable damage. On sleds, the meltwater penetrates into the lock bar guide which then freezes outdoors.

How do I store the sled in the summer?

Clean the sled with water and, if necessary, a mild detergent, and ideally store in a cool, dark room.

FAQs - Odyss MD, Grand Odyss

It is not possible for me to lift the sled on to one runner in order to drive it on the side of a hill. Is there a solution?

With the Odyss MD or Grand Odyss it is not necessary to lift it on to one runner. Simply run on an edge and hold it or even better, secure it with the optional locking system. This feature was very important to us at the design stage, because lifting a heavily laden sled is almost impossible for many mushers, especially women. Please do not use the locking system to secure the sled in the central position in order to lift it.

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