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Care and maintenance

Our sleds are very easy to maintain thanks to a proven design and careful choice of materials.

Nevertheless, please note some points if you want your sled to have a long life: 

  • - protect sleds from heat, e.g. in a car when the sun is shining. The high temperatures could cause plastic components to warp.

  • - racing plastics must be waxed before each ride to achieve good anti-friction properties. Ideally you should apply a coat of wax during the summer break, then remove it and brush well before next use.
  • -it is best to use waxes from the world of cross-country skiing.

  • - check screw connections, rivets and leashes before every ride and, if necessary, replace.
  • - soiling and road salt can be cleaned off with a high-pressure hose - at low pressure or from a distance.  

Worn out tug leashes/starter cords etc. must be renewed. On the Hornet XC/URS, European Open/XL and Odyss MD and Grand Odyss, you can replace the leashes yourself with spare parts from our range. With the Flexmax (no longer in the range), if necessary the leash would have to be replaced in our workshop.

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