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European Open XL

The mid distance legend

European Open XL folded 
European Open XL folded


This is a variant of the legendary European Open. We have been making it for over 20 years and it is almost unchanged.

At the sled dog Trail ‘96 trade fair in Germany, the European Open won an award from the IFSS for "innovation and further development in the field of sled dog accessories".

The version caused a minor sensation in 1996 because of the way it was folded and also the tug leash system for steering the sled was completely new.


Standard equipment

  • steering system
  • claw brake
  • snow hook holder for 2 snowhooks
  • 1 pair runners for changeable plastic (also without available)
  • sled bag
  • starting line
  • front-fix
  • choose the color from our color range


Technical data

Dimension Sled bag Runner
weight ca. 15 Kg material - cordura sandwich runners
length ca. 2600 mm snack bag with rail for plastics
width ca. 550 mm top zippers from YKK ABS sides
heigth - 940 mm mesh ventilation GFK reinforced
to fast to be clear
to fast to be clear

The right accessories

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