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Hornet XC urs

price: 2.599,00 EUR
delivery time (ex works): auf Anfrage 

Hornet ultimate race series

hornet xc folded 
hornet xc folded


This version of the Hornet XC is equipped with various lightweight components, e.g.:

  • partly with carbon tubes
  • extra lightweight frame brakepad
  • aluminum snow hook

In this version, fitted with two aluminum hooks, there is a weight advantage of about 3.5 kg compared to the normal Hornet.

This sled is manufactured only in limited numbers, but you can choose your own colour combination for the sled bag at no extra charge.


Standard equipment

  • steering system
  • claw brake
  • snow hook holder for 2 snow hooks
  • 2 Aluminum snow hooks
  • 2 snow hook lines
  • textile shackle
  • glide Booster
  • 2 components brake pad
  • 1 pair nano runners
  • 2K footboards
  • sledbag
  • starting rope
  • front-fix
  • choose the colour of your sled bag top from our colour range
Jiri Trnka with Hornet XC urs
Jiri Trnka with Hornet XC urs
Massimo Martini with Hornet XC urs
Massimo Martini with Hornet XC urs

Technical data

Dimension Sled bag Runner
weight ca. 10 Kg material - Cordura sandwich runner
length ca. 2400 mm Snack bag nano plastic
width ca. 550 mm zippers from YKK ABS sides
height - 930 mm, also 970 mm possible mesh ventilation GFK reinforced

The right accessories

Here you will find the right accessories and spare parts for this model:

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