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Hornet XC

Sprint sled from 2 dogs to unlimited

Hornet XC folded 
Hornet XC folded


Our best-selling sprint sled for more than 10 years.

Top mushers throughout the world put their trust in this sprint sled


Standard equipment

  • steering system
  • claw brake
  • snow hook holder for two snow hooks
  • 1 pair standard runners incl. standard footboards (also without available)
  • sled bag
  • starting rope
  • front-fix
  • choose the colour of your sled bag top from our colour range

traffic jam ?
traffic jam ?
Hornet in action
Hornet in action

Technical data

Dimension Sled bag Runner
weight ca. 13 Kg material - cordura sandwich runners
lenght ca. 2400 mm snack bag glued on 7000 racing plastic
width ca. 550 mm top zippers by YKK ABS sides
height - 930 mm, also 970 mm available mesh ventilation GFK reinforced

The right accessories

Here you will find the right accessories and spare parts for this model:

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